activation energy

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the energy that an atomic system must acquire before a process (such as an emission or reaction) can occur

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This temporary bond provides more opportunity for tunneling through the energy barrier, hastening the reaction.
The energy barrier to overcome the recombination of color centers in PMMA decreases with increasing gamma-ray dose.
Sang observed that the energy barrier [increment of E] close to the critical point is better approximated by
the energy barrier difference between a 2-D liquid-like and a crystal-like structure) is about 2.
30 kJmol-1) [Table 2], may be explained as a reduction in the energy barrier of the corrosion process, which means increase in the corrosion rate, as observed from the electrochemical measurements.
By carefully adjusting the amount of coagulant in the process, the zeta potential is affected and consequently the potential energy barrier height, [V.
Based on density functional calculations, we attribute this phenomenon to the lower energy barrier needed for the adsorption of photo generated singlet oxygen.
In the hands of South Eugene High School's theater department, Cole Porter's 1930s classic, "Anything Goes," pushes the energy barrier.
Wet dross can easily bleed inclusions into molten aluminum because the interfacial energy barrier is already overcome.
The relatively low energy barrier and short cure induction time are indicative of a better co-curing of the NR/BEPDM blends.
Currently, expensive materials like iridium or ruthenium oxide are used to overcome the activation energy barrier for the electrolytic splitting of [H.
This is generally understood as an energy barrier that needs to be overcome, representing the work necessary for the creation of a two-phase interface.
Simulations of monodisperse systems have demonstrated the effect of an energy barrier on the kinetics of aggregation and the fractal character of the aggregated network structure.
The undercooling of the iron, however, presents an energy barrier to this structural organization.