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the systematic use of spies to get military or political secrets

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NNA - How could we possibly describe enemy agents other than what they really are, senior Shiite cleric Ali Fadlallah, reacted to patriarch Rahi's meeting with former SLA militiamen in occupied Palestine.
Assuming that is the case, Congress may have intended to authorize the capture and detention of individuals such as Hamdi (persons captured on the battlefield during actual hostilities) for so long as military operations remain necessary, but surely Congress never intended to empower the president to detain individuals like Padilla (an accused enemy agent operating domestically) except in accordance with regular due process of law.
It has been known beyond doubt that it (Hezbollah) is a party of the enemy agent that does not respect the ties of kinship or covenant with the believers," Al-Asheikh said while commenting on a recent statement by Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi in which he acknowledged his error in taking an anti-Saudi stance on Hezbollah.
It shows the actor chasing an enemy agent through the streets of Istanbul, first in a car, then on foot, then on a motorbike, and finally on top of a moving train.
The Pasdaran say they arrested an enemy agent who was trying to approach the helicopter carrying the president on a provincial visit last week.
The 10-year-old actress continues to spy on the stranger, maneuvering her body to avoid detection, and wonders aloud if the woman who just sat next to the man might be an enemy agent sent to receive sensitive government documents.
Unfortunately, that Mustang was being driven by a beautiful, but deadly, enemy agent who wanted Agent 007 dead.
ANOTHER time he lured and then shot an enemy agent and, amazingly, once dined with notorious Nazi Gestapo officer Klaus Barbie.
Starring Alistair Simfcar as a enemy agent and Leslie Banks as a naive British scientist.
One faction of agents decides to pick on an ordinary guy and shadow him as if he was an enemy agent.
It starred Alistair Sim as an enemy agent and Leslie Banks as a British scientist.
But when a job comes up requiring his specific skills, he is pressganged into joining a perilous climb of the Eiger mountain, along with a small group of men, one of whom is an enemy agent who needs taking out.
And the Old Bailey heard the corporal turned enemy agent because he was refused promotion.
But when a job requiring his specific skills comes up, he is press-ganged into joining a perilous climb of the Eiger mountain, along with a small group of men, one of whom is an enemy agent who needs taking out.