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an injection of a liquid through the anus to stimulate evacuation

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On the second day of life, a contrast enema was performed, demonstrating a microcolon with the cecum and appendix located in the left upper quadrant, confirming malrotation (Figure 2).
Her first round of five FMT retention enemas didn't benefit her at all.
The report further indicated that the doctor's treatment plan of abdominal massage and enemas were not supported by medical literature but instead might "reinforce" the focus on the patient's bulimia.
The NMC report stated: "The panel considered that Mrs Rudkin was aware of the policy and procedure for administering enemas at the time she provided inappropriate and unsafe treatment to the patients in her care.
Since Malone and colleagues presented a preliminary report of an antegrade colonic enema (Malone antegrade continence enema [MACE]) procedure in 1990,[sup.
After a few months, he was on the full therapy of 13 juices and 5 coffee enemas a day.
They also found that there wasn't much indication that cedar oil enemas were used and only a quarter of mummies had their hearts left in place.
Given the patient's age, renal status, and laboratory findings, NaP toxicity due to the enemas is the most likely diagnosis.
It may surprise you that 17th century physicians administered tobacco smoke not only via the lungs, but also via the rectum in the form of a tobacco smoke enema.
In June, there were 12,521 people waiting more than six weeks for one of 15 key tests, including MRI, CT and heart scans, ultrasound, barium enemas and colonoscopies.
Do you think that special diets, pills, powders, or enemas are needed to rid the body and colon of toxins?
He ordered two tap water enemas performed two hours apart.
The Caucasus Mountain region has dozens of spas that routinely administer enemas from the area's mineral springs.
The Caucasus Mountains region is known for dozens of spas where enemas with water from mineral springs are routinely administered to treat digestive and other complaints.
The area has dozens of spas where enemas with water from mineral springs help treat complaints.