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Synonyms for endure

Synonyms for endure

to carry on through despite hardships


to be in existence or in a certain state for an indefinitely long time

to withstand stress or difficulty

Synonyms for endure

face and withstand with courage

undergo or be subjected to

last and be usable


Related Words

persist for a specified period of time

continue to exist

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On the whole, they made poor type choices and had gauche ideas about layout; nevertheless, they were prolific, and their books were lauded as fine examples of American bookmaking and exhibited by the AIGA alongside Rockwell Kent, Dwiggins, and others of varying endurability.
in [9] elaborated on the three dimensions of fun: expectations, engagement and endurability.
For solvent endurability test, there was no significant difference in Hep3B growth between control treatment and the other 5 treatments.
Assertions of the stability and endurability of the unipolar world order vision would appear, therefore, to be overstated and the confidence underpinning it possibly dangerously misplaced.
On a more hardcore front, the all-new Ford Ranger pick-up will deliver more power, style and endurability when it arrives on Britain's roads, quarries and farms during September.