neuromuscular junction

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Synonyms for neuromuscular junction

the junction between a nerve fiber and the muscle it supplies

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Indeed, up to two additional action potentials were observed in the gastrocnemius, an observation rationalized by the authors as the result of the prolongation of the endplate potential beyond the muscle fiber refractory period.
125]I-labeled [alpha]-bungarotoxin, CA--calpastatin, CMAP--compound muscle action potential, CMS--congenital myasthenic syndrome, dsRNA--double-stranded RNA, EMG--electromyography, EP--endplate, EPC--endplate current, EPP--endplate potentials, GBHA--glyoxal bis-(2-hydroxyanil), HEK--human embryonic kidney, MEPC miniature endplate current, MEPP--miniature endplate potential, MG--myasthenia gravis, NMJ--neuromuscular junction, RNAi--RNA interference, SCS--slow-channel congenital myasthenic syndrome, shRNA--short hairpin RNA, WT--wild-type
In addition, intracellular recordings as those required to probe miniature endplate potentials (MEPP), miniature endplate currents (MEPC), endplate potentials (EPP) and endplate currents (EPC) are performed directly on patient muscle biopsies.
5) Amplitude of miniature endplate currents or miniature endplate potentials.
Dissociated electrocytes produced endplate potentials of 50100 mV when stimulated repetitively at 2 to 10 Hz with suction electrodes applied to innervating nerves (up to 4 days) or the innervated external surface of electrocytes (4-7 days).