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a toxin that is confined inside the microorganisms and is released only when the microorganisms are broken down or die

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AJ Meuse, President and CEO, said, "ACC is the pioneer in endotoxin detection and the first company licensed by the FDA to manufacture LAL for use as a quality control test.
The size and concentration of airborne endotoxins are two important parameters that may affect the performance of an air abatement process.
For one study, Dungan, soil scientist April Leytem, and research leader David Bjorneberg set up three sampling sites at a 10,000-cow open-freestall dairy to measure airborne endotoxins and culturable microorganisms like bacteria and fungi during fall, spring, and summer.
ORF Genetics' unique growth factors are produced in the seeds of the barley plant, which does not produce any endotoxins or other substances toxic to mammalian cells.
The fasting studies that we do might actually be masking the true impact of these circulating endotoxins and lipids.
5 percent of the children had raised endotoxin levels after surgery.
Generally released from bacterial lysis, endotoxins are ubiquitous in the airborne environment, but high airborne-endotoxin levels are observed in industrial environments, such as cotton mills, waste collection sites, swine barns, and grain handling equipment, where organic dusts are present (Liebers et al.
September 27 2010 - Putting its latest product Mycofix to the test in several in vitro and ex vivo experiments involving ergot and endotoxin poisoning, Austrian animal nutrition firm BIOMIN proves once again its leading reputation in mycotoxins control and management.
Unlike ergot alkaloids which are toxins produced by plants, endotoxins are derived from air-borne bacteria or bacteria found in food, water and waste substances, as well as through endogenous sources such as the gastrointestinal tract and colonized mucosa.
Endotoxins stimulate cellular responses through the toll-like receptor system in blood, which is sensitive to a wide variety of chemicals that often resemble molecules released from pathogens.
They say it is due to a toxic substance called endotoxin, given off by certain bacteria when they die or are damaged.
Ultraviolet (UV) specialist Berson UV-techniek has developed a UV system specifically for removing ozone and endotoxins from process water.
Workers' exposure to airborne bacteria and endotoxins at industrial wastewater treatment plants.
For the first time scientists have shown that endotoxins, which are made by bacteria and occur naturally in the air, are produced by tobacco smoke in high concentrations.
Researchers from Lund University in Sweden used a unique method of chemical analysis, developed over many years, to measure levels of endotoxins caused by tobacco smoke.