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a small asexual spore that develops inside the cell of some bacteria and algae

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Within 24-48 h postmortem, the rod shaped bacteria in the dead larvae sporulated producing oval endospores and associated inclusions (Fig.
1-3,5,6) That is the function of biological indicators (BIs), which are capable of directly determining that the most resistant viable microorganisms (the bacterial endospores of Geobacillus stearothermophilis [formerly Bacillus stearotherrnophilis] or Bacillus atrophaeus [formerly Bacillus subtilis]) have been killed (Table III).
These findings revealed that virus susceptibility to ozone is similar to fragile bacteria but is higher than fungi spores, bacteria, and endospores.
They introduce the basic techniques and processes and give specifics on germination of Bacillus subtilis in high pressure, inactivation of Bactillus cereus and Bacillus, responses of Clostridium botulinum and other endospores to HPP and nonlinear inactivation kinetics of E.
Large semi-translucent globular colonies with a waxy appearance revealed oval shaped bacteria with a thick cell wall containing bright refractile structures, characteristic of viable endospores, the best known of which include Bacillus and Clostridium species, both of which are rod shaped bacteria (Madigan et al.
Brucellae are small, Gram negative coccobacilli that lack flagella, endospores, and a capsule.
Bacillus subtilis endospores were chosen as the tracer because they persist in natural environments such as soil and water, so die-off does not need to be taken into account (Slepecky and Hemphill 1992).
It's a laborious, time-consuming affair, however, partly because at least 1 million endospores are needed to yield enough DNA to analyze.
a) Disinfection level Group required Bacterial endospores (e.
1M) were studied in conjunction with various doses of microwave radiation to investigate the effect of microwave power and exposition time on the living properties of Bacillus subtilis and Clostridium thermophillus spores to determine the most lethal treatment for bacterial endospores.
tyrobutyricum endospores in Wisconsin cheese milks; determine the germination and growth rates of C.
This bacterium, Bacillus anthracis, is an endospore-forming rod, and it is these endospores that have the potential for causing anthrax infections in humans.
The endospores of anthrax, a gram-positive bacillus found in the soil, are resistant to heat, drying, ultraviolet and gamma radiation, and many disinfectants.
Within six hours of inoculation the organism has moved and formed micro-colonies, and within ten hours macro-colonies and endospores have formed.
For more than an hour, they've stained, dried, steamed and counterstained their slides, hoping to reveal endospores, an element of some types of bacteria.