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a neurochemical occurring naturally in the brain and having analgesic properties

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We should emphasize the fact that, immediately after this event, the so-called state of "love" vanishes under the narcotic-euphoric effect of semen evacuation (immediately releasing endorphines that "reward" the male) and, most of the time, the state disappears, reappearing later, with the next powerful "need" of sexual intercourse.
Touch and Massage: Touch and massage can help with relaxation (which can help with pain relief), increase a woman's endorphine release (endorphins are chemicals in the body similar to opiates and help minimize one's perception of pain), help her feel physically supported and nurtured, and it just feels good
You know it's risky and can't recall why you thought it was a good idea but hope the promise of an endorphine hit at the other end will leave you glad you did.
This one is hard to explain to non-runners, but is basically an endorphine rush which kicks in after a certain amount of exercise.
It can also tone up the face and stomach as well as conferring the same endorphine rush that exercise, sex and chocolate bring.