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a neurochemical occurring naturally in the brain and having analgesic properties

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Earlier he struggled with controlling his anger or moods, but today he has found inner peace, not least because of the regular endorphin rush his exercise regime creates.
I found that with running, there was that endorphin rush, and I would feel that this was great when I was doing it, but there was always that inertia to gear up and do it because it was something so painful.
Normally when you breathe you leave some old air in your lungs, but this forces it all out, it increases the oxygen level in the blood, in the body, and it causes an endorphin rush, which will lift your mood.
Besides, on a treadmill I would never have got the benefit of an endorphin rush triggered by our helpless laughter.
In general, swimming gives you a massive boost to your circulation and immune system - but with outdoor swimming, the cold water gives you an endorphin rush and makes you feel high and happy afterwards.
I can't say I've ever experienced a runner's high or had an endorphin rush.
Add to that the endorphin rush that comes with each workout, and it's no wonder that Pedersen credits boxing with helping her overcome the feeling of inferiority.
Nobody has ever reported any brain science suggesting that you get an endorphin rush when you pay your tax bill.
Feldman's team thought that blocking this endorphin rush might cause such people to lose some of their tanning enthusiasm; what they didn't expect was for some to develop withdrawal symptoms.
1992) as well as the idea that the endorphin rush associated with self-injury can lead to an addiction to the behavior (Pies & Popli, 1995).
The continuous flow of movement (called vinyasa) in these popular classes will condition your heart and provide that endorphin rush that comes from aerobic exercise.
Even if you don't know that Zapruder's frame 313 captures that instant when Kennedy's head is blown apart, the painting delivers an optical analogue of an endorphin rush before death.
If you put my brain under an fMRI machine while doing a sudoku puzzle, you'd probably see this endorphin rush," Snyder said at a clip of about five words per second.
OUTDOOR TRAINING - | Getting outdoors to exercise means vitamin D top-ups, fresh air in your lungs and an extra sharp endorphin rush if it's cool, plus best of all, if you simply don a pair of trainers, it's entirely free.
According to our members, benefits include increased weight loss, core strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, stress release and a mood boosting endorphin rush.