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a neurochemical occurring naturally in the brain and having analgesic properties

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You'll get your endorphin rush, which will help your mood, too," Taylor says.
I've been doing yoga for eight years and this class gave me a real endorphin rush.
The reasons are what you'd expect: You're in control of the timing, there's an endorphin rush from exercise and no traffic.
And the endorphin rush promotes your body's sense of well-being, which is often challenged by the daily stressors we all experience.
The endorphin rush that follows successful completion of any task makes you feel more positive, personable, creative and confident.
It's also an incredible endorphin rush, and that's always fun
Earlier he struggled with controlling his anger or moods, but today he has found inner peace, not least because of the regular endorphin rush his exercise regime creates.
I found that with running, there was that endorphin rush, and I would feel that this was great when I was doing it, but there was always that inertia to gear up and do it because it was something so painful.
then the calm as the endorphin rush washed island resorts into our
Besides, on a treadmill I would never have got the benefit of an endorphin rush triggered by our helpless laughter.
She wrapped herself closely and tightly around me, and I hoped that the exhilaration of the ride, and the endorphin rush chat it could provoke, would stir a deeper level of attraction, beyond the friendship we had forged over the last few months-I knew that the physical intimacy of holding onto someone so tightly and the bonding that occurs from sharing the thrill of the ride could be a powerful aphrodisiac.
In general, swimming gives you a massive boost to your circulation and immune system - but with outdoor swimming, the cold water gives you an endorphin rush and makes you feel high and happy afterwards.
I can't say I've ever experienced a runner's high or had an endorphin rush.
Add to that the endorphin rush that comes with each workout, and it's no wonder that Pedersen credits boxing with helping her overcome the feeling of inferiority.
Nobody has ever reported any brain science suggesting that you get an endorphin rush when you pay your tax bill.