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any of various parasites that live in the internal organs of animals (especially intestinal worms)

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Because of the heavy endoparasite infestation and risk of developing opportunistic fungal infection while in captivity, fenbendazole (20 mg/ kg PO q24h for 5 days; Panacur, Intervet Inc, Millsboro, DE, USA) and voriconazole (11 mg/kg PO q24h; Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc, Morgantown, WV, USA), respectively, were also administered.
Seasonal fluctuations have been long known to influence endoparasite presence in marine hosts (Noble 1957, Rohde 1984, Couch 1985).
Endoparasites of the kit fox, Vulpes macrotis (Carnivora:Canidae) from New Mexico, U.
The research results include key findings in the areas of endoparasites, ectoparasites and protozoa.
25) A 2009 survey of endoparasites in dogs and cats in Saitama, Japan, indicated that E.
Some other factors such as geographical location, status of animal ownership, sampling protocols, demographic factors, anthelmintic usage, and diagnostic techniques are responsible for the wide range of endoparasite prevalence found (16).
Once killed, all ecto- and endoparasites were recovered for identification.
Despite its prevalence, little is known of the origins and global spread of this nematode because, in common with other endoparasites, specific historical records of its occurrence are few and, in any case, much later in date than its presumed origin.
Specimens collected were for scientific uses that included DNA analysis, ecto- and endoparasites, tooth morphology, reproductive biology, and vertebrae for age and growth.
These endoparasites have done something that the seas and the tropical rain forests haven't done.
This group of endoparasites includes the infectious agent for Malaria, Toxoplasmosis and Babesiosis, the latter occurring mainly in animals.
Diet and Endoparasites of Rana granducula (Amphibia, Ranidae) and Limnonectes magnus (Amphibia, Dicroglossidae) in Mt.
No endoparasites were detected after flotation of a fecal sample in saturated salt solution.
Upon arrival, lambs were weighed, treated for endoparasites (Tasasel 5%, Fort Dodge, Animal Health, Mexico), and injected with 1x [10.
The assessment of endoparasites (nematodes) in the same specimens used in our study revealed that A.