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derived or originating internally

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In particular, our theory enables us to see the potential for endogenous change in organizational routines.
8] Unlike modernization theory, however, the theory of totalitarianism regarded communism not as a detour but as a terminus, as a system where the concentration of power and the elaboration of "total" control over all the diverse realms of social, cultural and political life effectively blocked endogenous change and precluded the benign evolution of society and of the regime that organized it.
However, individual policy analyses require the elimination of the endogenous change in tariff-constrained imports, [dm.
Although all sensible people should beware what Vincent Ostrom calls "great experiments," I find it unhelpful to make a sharp distinction between beneficial endogenous change and harmful exogenous change.
Institutional innovation (particularly government regulation) has been another source of endogenous change in aggregate supply.