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derived or originating internally

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The exogeneity tests showed that the variable LISPE was endogeneous to LVAPE.
In an extensive culture practice, the target species completely depend on the natural food supply from the culture medium while semi-intensive culture practice lies between intensive (also known as endogeneous food supply) and extensive (also known as exogeneous food supply) in various degrees.
Indeed, the pulp of most fruits is by no means easy to press since these fruits often lack endogeneous pectinolytic enzymes.
Instrumental variables are highly correlated with endogeneous variables.
4) See also Haefke, Sonntag, and van Rens (2009) and Pissarides (2009) for insightful discussions of this example and Rudanko (2009) for a model with endogeneous wage rigidity within ongoing matches.
2000), "Asset allocation with endogeneous labour income", Preliminary.
This test consists on regressing, in the first step, the suspicious endogeneous variables against all exogenous variables (i.
The main contribution to this literature is that I consider platform competition with an endogeneous choice between being one-sided (pay-tv) and being two-sided (partly or fully advertising supported).
If the molecule is given as a medication it increases the existing endogeneous response to the damage.
It may be concluded that mannosylated liposome encapsulated QC not only prevented cerebral ischemia and reperfusion induced lipid peroxidation and cerebral edema development but also protected cerebral endogeneous antioxidant defence in young and old rat brain) This approach of delivering a non toxic herbal origin antioxidant (quercetin) to the brain offers the potential clinical application in human degenerative diseases in future)
One of the main characteristics of quality of steels of class ShKh at acceptance inspection is the degree of contamination of metal with endogeneous hard-to-form (globular) inclusions of a complex composition.
1988; Nemeroff, 1996) and, thus, persistent hyperactivity in the HPA axis may play a critical role in the pathogenesis of endogeneous depression (Barden et al.