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derived or originating internally

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2005, Endogeneous Model of Surrender Conditions in Equity-Linked Life Insurance, Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 37(2): 270-296.
S, Bs is the non-singular matrix of structural coefficients, which shows the relations between the dependent or endogeneous latent variables; [[GAMMA].
The regulation of endogeneous energy stores during starvation and refeeding in the somatic tissues of the golden perch.
1980) A novel purification procedure for Penicillium notatum phospholipase B and evidence for a modification of phospholipase B activity by the action of an endogeneous protease.
Endogeneous estrogen testosterone and progesterone levels in
Endocannabinoids--the endogenous arachidonate-based lipids, which serve as physiological endogeneous ligands for the cannabinoid receptors: All endocannabinoids are eicosanoids.
Problems with instrumental variables estimation when the correlation between the instruments and the endogeneous explanatory variable is weak.
Government spending in a simple model of endogeneous growth", Journal of Political Economy 98, 5, 1990, pp.
He then examines glosses and glossing practice, the work of doing a change of plans, the endogeneous production of order in science lessons, living in the midst of the thickets of ethnomethodology in science education, knowledge and institutional power, the actor's (teacher's) point of view, planning and enacting a living science curriculum, and whether or not there is more for science education.
variables that are correlated with the endogeneous regressor but uncorrelated with the error in the structural equation" (Bozec 2012).
It was found that the study of the relationship between best sustainability practices and best performances, lower risks and higher values in companies is endogeneous.
Overall, the estimates remain consistent across all four models, suggesting that the full model estimates (Model 1) are generally robust to inclusion of the potentially endogeneous explanatory variables particularly the PAM variable--and exclusion of the depression-only respondents.
An issue of concern is the possibility that one or more of the independent variables are endogeneous.
1987, "Efficient Estimation of Limited Dependent Variable Models with Endogeneous Explanatory Variables," Journal of Econometrics 36, 231-250.
1976: Optimal trade policy and compensation under endogeneous uncertainty: The phenomenon of trade disruption.