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the passage in the root of a tooth through which its nerve and blood vessels enter the pulp cavity

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It was seen in this study that the intensity of pain after endodontic treatment in teeth with vital pulps is more intense than in teeth with necrotic pulp.
Dentinal tubule infection as the cause of recurrent disease and late endodontic treatment failure: a case report.
7% of 2008 recruits required endodontic treatment at the time of initial examination.
A correct endodontic treatment today is a won battle; a treatment which remains precise in time, without any acute or chronic course is a won war.
Group 8 - Materials And Equipment For Endodontic Treatment
Hypodontia with failing endodontic treatment in the adjacent first permanent molar Patient 3 a 14 year old girl presented with concerns regarding the lower left quadrant where the lower first permanent molar (FDI 36) had persistent apical infection following root-canal therapy after a carious pulpal exposure (Figure 3a).
Researchers from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) have developed the first endodontic treatment sealer using nanotechnology.
There is an endodontic treatment system on the market called A.
Endodontic treatment based on inaccurate clinical information or the absence of an apical radiolucency can thus be avoided.
Clinical manifestations, endodontic treatment, and surgical treatment are also covered.
The countersuit alleges that Dentsply and Tulsa Dental, two of the largest suppliers of endodontic files in the industry, have violated the antitrust laws by monopolizing or attempting to monopolize the market for nickel-titanium files used for endodontic treatment.
This implies that the need for endodontic treatment only becomes evident after resecting the tooth.
The Picasso line of soft tissue dental lasers, enables dentists to provide treatment for soft tissue surgery, periodontal, endodontic treatment, and laser whitening.
Ariz may recommend specific treatment plans for patients, which can include dental fillings, endodontic treatment, porcelain crowns, or cosmetic treatments.
Further endodontic treatment for all 3 cases: Endodontic therapy was carried out in all cases.