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the inner germ layer that develops into the lining of the digestive and respiratory systems

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The choanae represent the watershed area between ectodermally and endodermally derived epithelia.
Since the thyroid gland is endodermally derived and the thyroglossal duct may contain remnants of endoderm and ectoderm, (6) the current lesion may represent a neoplastic process of primitive ductal epithelium.
The tumor consists of both neuroectodermally derived elements (Schwann-like spindle cells, neurons, and ganglion cells) and an endodermally derived component (neuroendocrine cells).
4] Proposed origins of the ovarian stroma include (1) endodermally derived epithelium and primitive mesenchyme that become hypersensitized to circulating female sex hormones and (2) ectopic ovarian stroma.