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abnormally enlarged thyroid gland

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Persistence of endemic goitre after adequate iodization have been observed by many authors all over the world, similar to our observation (23,24).
Iodine and selenium deficiency in school children in an endemic goitre area in Turkey.
According to these results, every province in the country could be classified as suffering from at least a mild level of endemic goitre, with Murehwa district the most affected.
No change in prevalence of endemic goitre in Wedza district as shown by school surveys carried out 18 years apart.
Endemic goitre in central China caused by excessive iodine intake.
Background & objectives: The present investigation was undertaken to study the iodine nutritional status of school children of Imphal east district in Manipur where endemic goitre persists during post-salt iodization phase along with the investigation of the factors responsible for the occurrence of goitre endemicity.
Thus, the existing dietary supplies of thiocyanate in relation to iodine may be a possible aetiological factor for the persistence of endemic goitre in the study region during post salt iodization period.