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a species whose numbers are so small that the species is at risk of extinction

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By strengthening protections against trafficking in products from these increasingly endangered animals, we can help to save sharks, manta rays and sea turtles, and protect our ocean life,"said Mark Plunkett, Seattle Aquarium Conservation Manager.
Sperm from the Frozen Zoo has been used in artificial insemination to reproduce endangered animals from the giant panda to the Chinese monal pheasant.
One of such concern is the protection of biodiversity; there are practices within this sector of the environment that pose serious threats especially practices such as shifting cultivation method of farming as well as hunting around and within the habitat of endangered species animals which continue to reduce the population of these endangered animals.
Karmele Llano Sanchez, programme director of IAR Indonesia, said: "These endangered animals are transported for long distances in awful conditions.
They were also joined by panda fans to visit the Xinhua Photo Gallery in the zoo under the theme of Pandas and Pambassadors, which helps people better understand pandas and their living habits, and informs the fans of the ways of protecting pandas and other endangered animal species as well as their habitats.
BENGAL TIGER: You can adopt an endangered animal from pounds 2.
Dubai Customs displays collection of endangered animals at Emirates Mall
Wildlife lovers are being encouraged to put on their walking boots and help raise cash for an endangered animal.
Each child selects a card of an endangered animal with the name and picture of the animal, the location of the habitat and a few interesting facts.
LOS ANGELES - The most endangered animal in the San Bernardino National Forest no longer lives there.
The Vancouver Island marmot is one of the world's rarest mammals and the most endangered animal in North America, numbering less than 30 in the wild and 81 in captivity.
However, when an endangered animal is involved, early diagnosis of the disease might help control it in time to save the animal, especially with the help of a rapid in vivo diagnostic method such as tracheal washing through bronchoscopy.
My drawing includes themes that are important to me: World Peace; Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources; and Protection of Endangered Animal Species.
This explanation has done little to appease outraged property owners, miners, loggers, ranchers, and other residents of the western United States, many fearing that the land on which they live and work may be designated a "habitat" for an endangered animal or plant species.
For the studio activity, the students chose an endangered animal to paint.