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a species whose numbers are so small that the species is at risk of extinction

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Conservation officials said Monday that the endangered animal was slain Sunday after it apparently attacked one or two residents, who had followed the animal to its lair in order to determine whether it was a mythological, supernatural creature.
He was jailed for 14 months after being convicted of six wildlife offences involving the illegal purchase of endangered animal parts, and keeping or offering them for sale.
Poaching endangered animals is big business, and a dirty one - among illegally trafficked goods, only drugs, weapons and humans generate larger dollar volumes, and those who deal in one of these forms of contraband often deal in the others as well, corrupting governments and funding criminal enterprises.
Sperm from the Frozen Zoo has been used in artificial insemination to reproduce endangered animals from the giant panda to the Chinese monal pheasant.
When the US government can take such a step, despite the fact that elephants are not found there, why can't the governments of South Asian countries, which are home to endangered animals such as the Bengal Tiger and Asian elephants, do the same?
BENGAL TIGER: You can adopt an endangered animal from pounds 2.
Dubai Customs displays collection of endangered animals at Emirates Mall
Wildlife lovers are being encouraged to put on their walking boots and help raise cash for an endangered animal.
Each child selects a card of an endangered animal with the name and picture of the animal, the location of the habitat and a few interesting facts.
LOS ANGELES - The most endangered animal in the San Bernardino National Forest no longer lives there.
The Vancouver Island marmot is one of the world's rarest mammals and the most endangered animal in North America, numbering less than 30 in the wild and 81 in captivity.
My drawing includes themes that are important to me: World Peace; Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources; and Protection of Endangered Animal Species.
This explanation has done little to appease outraged property owners, miners, loggers, ranchers, and other residents of the western United States, many fearing that the land on which they live and work may be designated a "habitat" for an endangered animal or plant species.
For the studio activity, the students chose an endangered animal to paint.
Biodiversity has been one of such sector of environment that the Forestry Development Authority (FDA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other local and international organizations have been working to protect endangered animal species and protected areas (natural reserves).