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Synonyms for rhyme



Synonyms for rhyme

a poetic work or poetic works

Synonyms for rhyme

compose rhymes

be similar in sound, especially with respect to the last syllable

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2197), he employs the term "mynstralcye" but does not force it into the end rhyme position.
The end rhymes again convey the speaker's mood, particularly the movement of the bees "to and fro" conflated with the power of the trees that "blow" in the breeze, this last word invoking again the image of the blooming rose of spring that "blows" to replace the violet ("The Violet and the Rose," l.
The lengthy exhibition title quotes a ditty by George and Ira Gershwin in which love-song cliches make end rhymes (hair/care, eyes/skies, moon/croon, above/love) preceded by "blab, blah, blah.
Here the metric form is managed by using single-syllable end rhymes in several of the stanzas--a technique that would appear quite contradictory to Monk's predilection for disjunctive phrasing.
The average chuanqi was characterized by 30 to 50 changes of scene; the frequent and free change of end rhymes in arias; singing parts that were probably more languorous than those of the zaju and were distributed among many actors (not just the hero and heroine); and plots often taken from popular accounts of historical figures or from contemporary life.
The constant end rhymes elude me in this attempt at translation: "when I rub solace on her body / she still has soft / as apple flesh the limbs / she is still 70 times a woman / to the wrinkled rough hide / of my old hand's underside.