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Synonyms for rhyme



Synonyms for rhyme

a poetic work or poetic works

Synonyms for rhyme

compose rhymes

be similar in sound, especially with respect to the last syllable

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Such a development is absolutely impossible in English, which is characterized by uniformly masculine end rhyme.
Significantly, this development of texture relies in large part on the absence of regular end rhyme.
Readers of Creeley are used to listening for delicate internal sound patterns while picking their way through the verbiage, but in many of the later poems these internal threads turn into external frameworks, internal rhymes pushed out into end rhymes and interior rhythms into strictly metrical ballad forms.
The classic qasida is an elaborately structured ode of between 60 and 100 lines (though lengths vary considerably), maintaining a single end rhyme that runs through the entire piece; the same rhyme also occurs at the end of the first hemistich (half line) of the first verse.
Regarded by Poe as a ballad, this lyrical poem is written in anapestic trimeter with consistent end rhyme.
There is great variety in the poems of this section, from prose poems to the use of end rhymes and responding voices.
Based on this logic, and since Murray's associative pairings are open to internal and slant rhymes as well as end rhymes, it is possible to read the title as an imperative claim about the most essential songs of the band Rush, as this book contains The Rush (homophone for the titular "Rush"), "to" (which shifts from a preposition indicating the completion of a movement to a preposition indicating an imperative claim); Hear (homophone for the titular "Here").
Unlike Mendelsohn, Economou does not attempt to render the original end rhymes in a poem like "The City," yet his concern with authenticity is everywhere apparent.
Yet the original pattern (schema) has never been kept, and each translated version constructs their own modes with different sentence lines, ways of eye movements, and end rhymes or no rhyme.
The lengthy exhibition title quotes a ditty by George and Ira Gershwin in which love-song cliches make end rhymes (hair/care, eyes/skies, moon/croon, above/love) preceded by "blab, blah, blah.
Here the metric form is managed by using single-syllable end rhymes in several of the stanzas--a technique that would appear quite contradictory to Monk's predilection for disjunctive phrasing.
Whereas most pop lyrics are content to use end rhymes, commonplace metaphors, and similes as their main literary devices, rappers have significantly upped the ante through the employment of a sophisticated approach to word play.