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a state of political hostility between countries using means short of armed warfare

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Russia's subsequent reunification with Ukraine's autonomous region of Crimea, after a referendum that was later condemned as illegal by the UN General Assembly, triggered the deepest crisis in relations between Moscow and the West since the end of Cold War.
X" who wrote the 1947 Foreign Affairs article that drew from the "Long Telegram," which laid out a blueprint for American policy that prevailed until the end of Cold War.
Spahiu said: "Today, after a generation since the end of Cold War, we have all the knowledge, serenity and opportunities to assess and evaluate what we separately experienced as nations and states, and even as region and beyond.
The end of Cold War and the increasing consolidation of Brazilian democracy dissipated the issue.
9, 1989 - Berlin Wall collapses, leading to end of Cold War.
Davutoglu dismissed claims that Turkey was leaving the Western camp for closer ties with the East, saying it had to assume a dynamic role in all its neighboring regions due to the new global circumstances that emerged in the aftermath of the end of Cold War.
They describe how the end of Cold War led to a decline in the importance of Pakistan in US strategic considerations, paving the way for a strategic rapprochement with India.
Given the consistent argument put forward by successive British governments since the end of Cold War, and by most informed opinion throughout Nato, that there is no longer a military, or economic case, for this type of work to be undertaken by military personnel, I think it would be in the public interest for you to publish this appraisal.