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Synonyms for consumer

Synonyms for consumer

one who consumes goods and services


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The voice of the end consumer must be built into every stage of the product innovation process.
Earlier Saturday, Bulgargaz Head, Dimitar Gogov, announced the reduction for end consumers will be about 6% - 7%, but Andonov noted Gogov was protecting the interests of his company and reiterated the country has an energy watchdog.
com use their advertising dollars to lower prices for end consumers, putting more money into consumer pockets instead of pestering shoppers with spam and traditional interruptive advertisements.
The book includes in-depth coverage on how to avoid mistakes and succeed with RFID, as well as a look at the value of RFID for both companies and end consumers
We focus on quality, efficiency, innovativeness and environmentally sound products and technologies so that our clients can deliver expert solutions and a positive experience to the end consumer.
The Energy Regulatory Commission decided that the power rate cut for end consumers should stand at only 0.
Bulgarian power distributors and heating utilities are seeking double-digit hikes in prices for end consumers from July, Nova TV reported on Thursday.
Raketu does not use Supernodes and to this end consumers who choose Raketu do not have the security risk and performance problems associated with other services.