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a reference work (often in several volumes) containing articles on various topics (often arranged in alphabetical order) dealing with the entire range of human knowledge or with some particular specialty

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In his Masters thesis "Jadal al-Qur'an" (The Polemics of the Qur'an), which was supervised by al-Khuli, Khalafallah applied automatically the principles of the literary method as suggested in al-Khuli's comment on the article "'tafsir," in the Arabic translation of the first edition of the Encylopaedia of Islam, which was then included in his Manahij al-tajdid.
However, the article on Casale Monferrato in the Encylopaedia Judaica states that "Jews first settled in Casale Monferrato during the 1430s.
Myth, Legend and Romance: An Encylopaedia of the Irish Folk Tradition.
Estonian/Latvian/Lithuanian Encylopaedia Publishers.
KNOW - IT - ALL SOFTWARE: Invest in a multimedia encylopaedia.
Recent Razorfish clients include Nissan, Encylopaedia Britannica, Excite, Ericsson, KPMG, and Charles Schwab.
John Eddleston's lifelong interest in criminology has led him to write nine full-length works including The Encylopaedia Of Executions and Jack The Ripper - An Encyclopaedia.