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86) But with their right hand, they supported the pro-Bull devots in leading the charge against the Encyclopedie throughout the 1750s, while quite ruthlessly supporting pro-Bull bishops in their bid for control over the Sorbonne, over the censorship of suspect books, and over high-handed policies of sacrament refusal emanating from Beaumont and Mirepoix.
Nouvelle encyclopedie portative ou Tableau general des connoissances humaine.
Otra "innovacion" mas feliz: las hojas de esta Encyclopedie (como las de cierta Cyclopaedia, de Nueva York) se pueden desprender y reemplazar, periodicamente, por otras nuevas, que los suscriptores recibiran.
Guidance is found in the Encyclopedie of 1767 showing broken lines to represent possible paths of light at noon, depending on the month, but the ring would be pre-set, usually to 48 de-grees, for Paris, or 51 degrees 30 minutes for London.
The scientific fixity of Encyclopedie entries on "plague" (peste), which suggest and even dictate rational control over unruly nature, would thus be disrupted by an extreme "limit-case of disaster.
The central problem -- as shown especially by Rousseau in his criticism of Hobbes and by d'Alembert in the preface to the Encyclopedie -- is to what extent the philosophes were themselves guilty of over-systematizing their thought in their attacks on 'soulless systematic philosophy'.
Voici donc la deuxieme edition d'une belle encyclopedie feministe, publiee dans sa premiere version en 1989.
4 Las precisiones acerca de los diversos terminos arabes o musulmanes utilizados provienen de la excelente obra, editada por Bayard, Paris, 1997, y que lleva por titulo Encyclopedie des religions (2 vols.
Johnson's Dictionary and Diderot's Encyclopedie were great acts of intellectual translation, in which knowledge which had slumbered inside colleges and church libraries was made accessible to a new bourgeois public.
Especially significant is the authors' interpretation of the dance notation, which they found explained in the article 'Choreographie' by Louis-Jacques Goussier in Diderot and d'Alembert's Encyclopedie of 1753 (reproduced in Appendix B).
They cracked Favier's notational code with the assistance of the entry on 'Choregraphie' in Diderot and d'Alembert's Encyclopedie of 1753.
The salon of 1767, after all a review of a mere exhibition, has something of the scope and ambition of Diderot,s Encyclopedie, but orgnized by the numbering system of the catalogue rather than by the alphabet.
French man of letters and philosopher who, from 1745 to 1772, served as chief editor of the Encyclopedie, L' , one of the principal works of the Age of Enlightenment.
He wrote such histories as The Real Jazz, Old and New (1956), Encyclopedie Du Jazz (1958), and Never Look Back (1958).
Carlos was one of those monarchs, like Frederick the Great of Prussia, Catherine the Great of Russia and Joseph II of Austria, who embodied the political virtues of the Enlightenment as fully as the Encyclopedie expressed its intellectual vision: The so-called Spanish Enlightenment was altogether his achievement.