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a reference work (often in several volumes) containing articles on various topics (often arranged in alphabetical order) dealing with the entire range of human knowledge or with some particular specialty

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Encyclopedias tend to shrink the past, revealing a society's limited understanding of the world
The granddaddy of today's encyclopedias will continue its online version, with subscriptions continuing to cost $69.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The encyclopedia of Iran indicates the Iranians' insight as well as the scientific abilities of researchers and scholars, director of the Center for Great Islamic Encyclopedia (CGIE) Seyed Kazzemi Moussavi Boroujerdi said.
The Macedonian Encyclopedia will be corrected--first the sections that are insulting to the Albanian community will be removed, after which all oversights recorded will be corrected, MANU (Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts) President Georgi Stardelov informed on Wednesday.
Almost everyone one who uses the web uses Google, and sooner or later almost everyone runs into Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Encyclopedias occupy an uncertain position on the intellectual landscape.
Last month, I explored the offerings of three specialized encyclopedias that cover the arts: Artcyclopedia.
University libraries have outstanding information resources available to their student populations--subject encyclopedias, monographs, periodical literature, dissertations--and they have powerful tools for accessing these materials--online catalogs, subscription databases, interlibrary loan services--but many college students are either unaware of these resources or they do not know how to use them.
The Medieval Hebrew Encyclopedias of Science and Philosophy: Proceedings of the Bar-Ilan University Conference.
But of course Borges was fascinated by encyclopedias, dictionaries, manuals and literary histories, and his list of favorite books includes such titles as Fritz Mauthner's dictionary of philosophy, Newman and Kasner's introduction to mathematics, Liddell Hart's history of the first world war .
Pricing from $228 in combination with other Grolier Online encyclopedias.
The online versions of these encyclopedias offer fully searchable text features, including hyperlinked cross-references between articles and a searchable electronic index.
And under the general editorship of someone who has experience in the writing of encyclopedias.
While the full $750 set is a bit steep for the average fan, Virgin Publishing is releasing separate paperback encyclopedias on every major musical movement, including blues, '60s music, r&b and soul, country, '70s music, reggae, '80s music, and indie and new wave, over the next two years.
A few useful sentences on the canal may be found embedded in "port of New York" and "economy" but when general encyclopedias offer accounts of the Erie superior to this one, there is reason for concern.
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