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a person who compiles information for encyclopedias

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Hal and Mickey are founders of the Encyclopaedists of Capital Hill, a tongue-in-cheek arts collective which puts on pop-up exhibitions largely as a means of picking up women.
Should one espouse the Contractarianism of the British Constitution since 1689, of Hobbes and Locke, or the ideas of the salons and the encyclopaedists before the French Revolution of 1789, or of Tom Paine and Thomas Jefferson before the American Revolution and the Constitution of 1787?
Its readers should, I think, be told that he had some thoughts of adding to it a few sentences about the influence exercised by Hobbes on later philosophers, the French Encyclopaedists and the English Utilitarians, and that he gave me some notes, by the aid of which this addition might have been made.
Commentators, encyclopaedists and exegetes throughout the Middle Ages emphasized the fact that the quails were excellent things given by God.
Isidore's article on the coturnix in Book XII of the Etymologies is perhaps the fullest and most lucid account of the characteristics of the quail and its migratory flight; and it, of course, served as the basis for the subsequent adaptations and expansions of many encyclopaedists and exegetes.
For the encyclopaedists and journalists amongst us, an indication of the years covered by the stories might have been useful.
There are bibliographies of works by Petrarch and their English translations; and works of ancient and mediaeval authors important for Petrarch, and their English translations (Rawski is able to show that Petrarch made substantial use of mediaeval encyclopaedists and historians he loved to disclaim).
Polanyi's description of what he calls the "objectivist" maps directly onto MacIntyre's encyclopaedist.