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Synonyms for encumbrance

Synonyms for encumbrance

a charge against property (as a lien or mortgage)


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Instead it debunks the myth of individualism and hierarchical orders, in which transcendence means breaking free of encumberances and needing nobody and constitutes the divine as somebody in relation to other bodies.
And as the Discovery Session 3 was developed 'in house' it was free of political, economic and operational encumberances.
He accused the woman of forging official documents by declaring that she was single when they were about to get married and denying any legal encumberances to their marriage.
And as his Father died Intestate and without any encumberances on said estate, thinks the proceedings of his Mother in respect to the sale thereof to be incompatable with the Interests of Her Children.
By cleaning our homes, we add to the natural joy of Spring and get rid of unnecessary encumberances, leaving ourselves free to concentrate on more spiritual matters.