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the activity of converting data or information into code

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This generator is used to create the data encryption key, and the drive firmware leaks enough information about the state of the random number generator for this key to be recreated, we're told.
Giving the data owner the ability to define and control security policy that regulates encryption keys provides the customer flexibility to benefit from the cloud-based key management offered by Azure".
SecureVM extends BitLocker to virtual and cloud environments by emulating TPM functionality in software, giving organizations centralized management over encryption keys and the ability to encrypt their virtual machines independently of AWS.
Enterprises can now safely migrate applications to the cloud without deploying encryption key management in their own data centers.
Automated tape storage solutions provider Qualstar Corporation (NASDAQ:QBAK) had added library-based encryption key management for the RLS-8500 Series rack mount tape libraries and the new RLS-8350 model.
IT organizations face new encryption key management issues as expanding compliance mandates and growing consumer concerns about privacy drive more rigorous protection of sensitive data.
CA Encryption Key Manager will also interface with security systems that include IBM RACF, CA ACF2 for z/OS, and CA Top Secret for z/OS for public/private key and digital certificate storage.
This article will exemplify different elements of a suggested policy for a key management system used for managing the encryption keys that protect secret and confidential data in an organisation.
2 offers multiple software encryption keys and increased administrative capability.
To meet compliance demands, such as HIPAA's privacy requirements, when the retention period expires on files that are protected through Assureon's WORM disk functions, a crypto-shredding process destroys the encryption key, ensuring that acces to the data is completly disabled.
56 MHz contactless smart card solutions include full sector/file programmability, encryption key management and outputs.
Specifically, the new technology replaces fixed encryption key lengths of 128 bits with a dynamic encryption code capable of using key lengths of 128, 192 and 256 bits, the Tokyo-based company said.
Spectra TKLM Provides Centralized Encryption Key Management for Multiple Libraries / Multiple Site Security Requirements
Microsoft's Transparent Data Encryption feature encrypts the database, but in cloud computing the question of encryption key management comes into play.
With our announcement today, we are embracing the many benefits that VMware brings to these environments and giving our customers new, more affordable options for enterprise encryption key management,” commented Patrick Townsend, CEO and Founder of Townsend Security.