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the activity of converting data or information into code

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The Camellia encryption algorithm is approved for use and has been adopted:
Rijndael encryption algorithm consists of three distinct parts, primary round, main round and final round.
High-speed encryption algorithm in all implementation environments from hardware to software
Selective encryption algorithm encrypts the bits in the compressed bitstreams that are the most critical to image reconstruction.
Taking into account that the development pace in battery technology is rather slow compared to the advances in processing capabilities of low-cost embedded microprocessors, computationally intensive encryption algorithms may not be implemented on mobile platforms because of power constraints.
According to the companies, a project to develop new schemes for signature, integrity and encryption algorithms has begun in Europe, while Japan has a plan to start an "electronic government" in 2003 in which encryption algorithms would be used.
The government's new encryption algorithm is first-rate," concludes computer scientist Dorothy E.
Increasing Demand for Security Drives Encryption Algorithm
Many current standard ciphers, such as Triple DES and RC4, are available in it as engines for symmetric key encryption, but only AES has been supported as the next generation encryption algorithm in OpenSSL version 0.
Since there was growing concern over the viability DES encryption algorithm, NIST (National Institutes of Standards and Technology) indicated DES would not be recertified as a standard and submissions for its replacement to become the encryption standard were accepted.
A proof-of-concept program for a possible attack on the Wi-Fi Protected Access encryption algorithm.
The standard specifies using the SKIPJACK encryption algorithm and a method for creating a "Law Enforcement Access Field" (LEAF) -- a mechanism by which authorized government agencies can decipher lawfully intercepted encrypted telecommunications.
This is based on the policy of expanding the international infrastructure technology to support a secure advanced information society as the first Japanese encryption algorithm.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-14 March 2000-NTT and Mitsubishi Electric unveil new encryption algorithm (C)1994-2000 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Built on PKCS#11 standards, and featuring the AES 256-bit encryption algorithm, SecureDoc encrypts all residual data, temporary files, paging files, and hidden partitions that are often left unprotected.