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a precise rule (or set of rules) specifying how to solve some problem

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The NL10k processor also integrates an innovative Range Encoding Engine (REE), which employs advanced one-hot and fence encoding algorithms to implement range encoding that allows customers to effectively double the efficiency of performing port range inspection, an integral part of packet classification.
The SD340 RF transceiver used here has a 32 Kbyte flash memory that can be used to execute custom programs such as encoding algorithms, conditioning of measured values or automatic channel switchover.
264 High Profile encoding algorithms up to 1080i resolution at 30 frames per second along with complementary system protocol, MPEG-1 Layer 2, AAC and AAC+SBR audio codecs.
The patent recognizes VBrick's novel encoding algorithms used during the compression of streaming video which enable the production of high quality images for the viewer.
The B3's all-new, hardware platform combined with superior encoding algorithms offers broadcasters and IPTV service providers greater processing power for advanced compression capabilities and noise reduction for bandwidth constrained applications.
By integrating ViXS' enhanced MPEG4-AVC encoding algorithms into their next generation chips, OEMs and ODMs will be able to very cost-effectively build multimedia products that support a full range of video formats.
Through advances in core encoding algorithms, EGT has propelled MPEG-2 video quality to a higher level, while lowering bandwidth requirements.
Their high performance architecture (based on VRaptor) allows usage of the demanding encoding algorithms at reasonable clocking frequency resulting in a power-efficient solution.
It would be even easier for a software developer familiar with their own encoding algorithms, or any computationally intensive application for that matter, to add the speed of distributed computing to their application.
Now, the new version has implemented breakthrough Encoding Algorithms to add more speed and at the same time increase video quality.