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mercantile establishment consisting of a carefully landscaped complex of shops representing leading merchandisers

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Centennial Real Estate is a real estate firm specialising in the investment, development and management of retail properties, including neighborhood community centers, enclosed malls and urban mixed-use areas.
NYSE: RSE), a national owner and operator of regional enclosed malls, today announced that Dunham's Sports, one of the nation's largest sporting good chains, has signed a lease to open a 65,000 square foot flagship concept at Colony Square Mall located at 3575 Maple Avenue in Zanesville, Ohio.
The enclosed mall itself, though, is as dead as your average big-city newspaper.
De-mailing" has varying definitions; most often, it is the practice of turning an enclosed mall inside out.
Caption(s): Target and Costco are eyeing enclosed mall sites.
At open malls, only 30 percent believed parking lot security was adequate, while 75 percent of enclosed mall shoppers deemed the parking lot safe.
The property consists of a 445,000-square-foot enclosed mall set at the rear of the site, a 60,000-square-foot outbuilding and a smaller 12,000-square-foot-out building, totaling 517,000 square feet.
Shasta Mall is the only enclosed mall within a 70-mile radius and is the dominant shopping destination in northeastern California.
for example, customers can shop at a Lord and Taylor department store, a Home Depot, a Barnes & Noble bookstore and a Target with two entrances, one facing a parking lot and one opening into an enclosed mall.
The City Council tonight will consider granting a three-month extension to Forest City Development's option on land in northwest Simi Valley that would be used to build an enclosed mall.
Hocker, and improve the operating metrics of this first-class enclosed mall.
Walpole Mall is the latest addition to CRDC's Enclosed Mall Division, which was formed in May to bring the same vision, and expertise to enclosed malls as Charter Realty has brought to the open center area for the past 16 years.
Crate & Barrel is the only Galleria North tenant that was located in the enclosed mall.
In addition, discounters such as Wal-Mart, Kmart and Target typically don't lease space in an enclosed mall.
Pierre Bossier Mall is the largest enclosed mall in the region, with immediate access to Interstate 20 and U.