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an enclosed territory that is culturally distinct from the foreign territory that surrounds it

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There are about 51 Bangladeshi enclaves, surrounded by Indian territory with a population of about 14,355.
According to a 2011 census conducted jointly by India and Bangladesh, there are 111 enclaves of which 102 enclaves in Bangladesh have 17158.
Our ability to identify smaller areas allows us to capture unique ethnic enclaves that may co-exist within the larger urban metropolis and simultaneously identify those whose residence and work locations differ.
With a premium feel and a not-too-premium price, and with a record of average reliability, the Enclave is a recommended buy of Consumer Reports magazine.
C&A is a formal and structured way to plan the deployment and employment of network enclaves, including identifying and reducing the risks to the maneuver or operational commanders those networks support.
The enclaves were created circa 1198 as the result of a feudal agreement between neighbouring lords (for a full historical geography and detailed maps of the enclaves see Whyte, 2002 & 2004).
But local folklore suggests some enclaves were wagers during chess games between the Maharaja of Cooch Behar and the Fauhdar of Rangpur, who then ruled northern Bangladesh.
To understand the role of ethnic enclaves in the economy and politics of the Asian-American community, we provide a brief history and description of the types of Asian ethnic enclaves.
The specific infrastructure needed for many DOD reserve enclaves created under the previous base realignment and closure process was generally not identified until after a defense base closure commission had rendered its recommendations.
Home-sites at the enclave known as Swinging Bridge at The Chapin Estate are just becoming available.
Because enclaves come without infrastructure, arrangements were needed for everything from water and sewage, to electricity, to postal and telephone service.
In 1817, Congress passed The Federal Enclaves Act, 9 asserting federal criminal jurisdiction over non-Indians for crimes they commit in Indian country and over Indians for some crimes they commit against non-Indians.
I argue that cultural innovation by religious organizations has encouraged the formation and maintenance of ethnoracial enclaves, which in turn characterize the diversity of Rogers Parks.
According to Peron, enclaves called "resident associations" and "private urban management services" have been formed that provide their own security forces and virtually everything else an autonomous community requires.
Studies from the US have also shown that migrant workers working in the ethnic enclaves attain higher socioeconomic rewards compared to the immigrants employed in the secondary sector (Wilson and Portes 1980; Portes and Jensen 1989).