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Jay Dubya's young adult fantasy trilogy of Enchanta, Pot of Gold and Space Bugs, Earth Invasion is presented along with two sci-fi/paranormal novella/short story' collections, Pieces of Eight and Pieces of Eight, Part II.
Par contre, l'accession au pouvoir de Juan Peron en 1946, enchanta certains nationalistes et fut recue favorablement par la presse catholique de la province.
Called Le ManAge EnchantA, the series - around 500 episodes were made between 1963 and 1967 - was filmed in a derelict house in Paris, where the fuses kept blowing because of the amount of electricity used by the lights on the set
Eric Thompson, who worked as a presenter on the children's programme Play School at the time, adapted Le ManAge EnchantA series, complete with supposedly drug-laden references, into English.