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Arbovirus studies in the Guajira region of Venezuela: activities of eastern equine encephalitis and Venezuelan equine encephalitis viruses during an interepizootic period.
Australia has witnessed the emergence of several zoonotic and arboviral pathogens associated with encephalitis; these pathogens have been either novel pathogens or pathogens appearing in new geographic locations and include Hendra virus, Murray Valley encephalitis virus, Australian bat lyssavirus, and Kunjin and Japanese encephalitis viruses (5-7).
Genotyping of Japanese encephalitis viruses isolated in Yunnan [in Chinese].
Louis encephalitis viruses provides cross protection during reinfection in house finches.
The use of chimeric Venezuelan equine encephalitis viruses as an approach for the molecular identification of natural virulence determinants.
Tickborne encephalitis viruses (TBEV), such as dengue, yellow fever, West Nile, and Japanese encephalitis viruses, belong to the family Flaviviridae.
Molecular biology of Japaneses encephalitis viruses isolated in China.
Distribution and characterization of tick-borne encephalitis viruses from Siberia and far-eastern Asia.
Japanese encephalitis viruses compared for sequence analysis * Year of sample SI no.
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