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a paint consisting of pigment mixed with melted beeswax

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keynote speaker for this year's conference, is one of the foremost scholars on the work of Jasper Johns, credited with the current encaustic painting renaissance.
become familiar with the historical significance of encaustic painting.
Discuss the difference between encaustic painting and watercolor.
LaValle is exhibiting encaustic paintings and charcoal and graphite drawings through Monday at the library.
Cragin focuses on jewelry, Blamo does jewelry and sculpture, and Kahn is showing some of her encaustic paintings, a technique which uses heat to melt resin and beeswax that in this case results in rust-colored pieces that echo Fitchburg's industrial heyday.
Eddie Dean produced vivid colours in his encaustic paintings Wax 2 and Wax 3, while Eddie Wadsworth's Head of a Man is an interesting essay in pointillism.
PAINT, Threads and Beeswax, an exhibition of watercolours, encaustic paintings and textile art by Gill Yarnall.
The essayist and artist Mimi Thompson describes Berger's encaustic paintings as palimpsests, "the ancient wax tables that were used again and again, with messages scraped away and new ones laid on top.
Caring for stone sculpture, the full variety of metal objects, ceramic vases, engraved gemstones and organic materials ranging from amber and ivory to textiles and encaustic paintings are all part of their daily work.
The book illustrates the luminous colors and intriguing textures that contemporary artists have achieved in their encaustic paintings.
While the titles are whimsical--Exonerate, Extinct, Exuberant, Exude--these encaustic paintings (all 2000) are serious, thoughtful endeavors that deeply probe the medium's expressive possibilities.
Michael David's most recent abstract encaustic paintings are eloquently deceptive: What looks at first like wispy atmosphere--elusive surges of color against an amorphous ground--is on closer inspection revealed to be a tactile, heavily built-up surface.
Betsy Eby's exquisite encaustic paintings not only look good, they smell great.