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either one of a pair of compounds (crystals or molecules) that are mirror images on each other but are not identical

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The effect of enantioselectivity of 21 on the biological activity was also studied.
It was found that synthesis parameters, such as electrolyte composition and pH value, have a strong influence on the enantioselectivity of the resulting oPPy/L-Asp films.
Some of the solutes analyzed showed enantioselectivity only with ristocetin A, and some of the solutes had greater enantioselectivity with vancomycin.
Importance of Enzyme Formulation for the Activity and Enantioselectivity of Lipases in Organic Solvents
During the chromatographic separation process the underivatized or derivatized cyclodextrins as host molecules form intermediate diastereomeric complexes with chiral guest molecules; differences in the stability of these complexes determine the enantioselectivity of separations.
The use of the new chiral phospholanes (Ketalphos and f-KetalPhos) can result in one of the most efficient syntheses of chiral amines and amino acids as they offer high activity and enantioselectivity in asymmetric hydrogenation of alkenes.
9) Indium mediated enantioselective allylation of aldehydes in an aqueous medium can also be achieved with 34 percent to 92 percent enantioselectivity.
Under optimized reaction conditions, the reaction proceeded with greater than 95 percent enantioselectivity using only 0.
This conformational difference has produced a dramatic increase of enantioselectivity for the hydrogenation of enamides.
In spite of that, the enantioselectivity of the oxidation was still remarkable (ee 40%).
RNA aptamers that bind L-arginine with sub-micromolar dissociation constants and high enantioselectivity.