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Synonyms for enact

Synonyms for enact

to put in force or cause to be by legal authority

to produce on the stage

Synonyms for enact

order by virtue of superior authority

act out

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The four components of self-efficacy theory include enactive mastery, vicarious experience, verbal persuasion, and physiological arousal.
As students restated what and how well they had learned, they were apt to increase the level of enactive mastery experience, often defined as the learner's own performance and direct experience, which is also considered the main source of self-efficacy.
Completion of BSW coursework and field practicum experience leads to higher direct practice skill and higher direct practice skill self-efficacy, through the provision of enactive mastery experiences and vicarious learning opportunities.
This is enactive understanding: it is one with the action.
KRISTJAN LAASIK, "Fulfillment in Perception: A Critique of Alva Noe's Enactive View.
2009) Extending the rather unnoticed Gibsonian view that 'perception is cognitive': Development of the enactive approach to perceptual-cognitive expertise.
Her student-centered, radically interactive course design is based on her theory of Enactive Education.
The resources drawn on are numerous and span many scientific and philosophical areas: complexity theory, Deleuze's ontology, Francisco Varela's notion of autonomous systems, developmental systems theory, psychological and neurological theory of emotion, the 4EA (embodied, embedded, enactive, extended, affective) cognition school, and so on.
Should teachers be able to explain Jerome Bruner's theories on enactive, iconic and symbolic representations, or should they be able to come up with alternative ways to think about transformation and representation?
Coined and initially elaborated by Bandura (1977), self-efficacy beliefs revolve around "one's capability to organize and execute the courses of action required to manage prospective situations'' and includes both anxiety and enactive and vicarious experience regarding task-specific competencies.
Rather than falling back on a version of associationism, as Jackson suggests, Wordsworth replaces the largely rationalist account of development with one embodying an enactive account of feeling.
The research on which this article was based was supported by Enactive Interfaces, a network of excellence (IST contract 002114) of the Commission of the European Community, and by the National Science Foundation (Grants SBR-9601351, INT-9603315, BCS0236627).
Mastery experience is the actual enactive attainment of a task or goal developed through a history of repeated successes, in addition to occasional failures, but with determined effort that will build a strong sense of self-efficacy of the specific task of the domain being examined.
As I show, however, this state of transcendental wholeness (yoga), or what I call embodied or substantive non-duality, finds its most enactive (5) expression not in speculative, metaphysical theories and static iconographical images, but, rather, in the wholly natural (i.
Para contextualizar estas articulações, apresenta-se inicialmente a interface dita tangível, procurando apontar a relação multimodal e situada no corpo para, em seguida, formular as relações da interface enactive, objetivo central deste texto.