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Synonyms for enact

Synonyms for enact

to put in force or cause to be by legal authority

to produce on the stage

Synonyms for enact

order by virtue of superior authority

act out

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This enaction is listed first since it also provides what is likely the most mature technology, most cost-effective solution (since many of the options here are ground-based solutions), greatest ability to scale-up production, and ability to impose a wider range of effects than those of some other capabilities.
Resistance is immanent critique: a "critique" that is one with its enaction.
In 1994, following the baseball strike, the Judiciary Committee under Chairman Brooks held hearings and passed legislation partially repealing baseball's antitrust exemption, which culminated four years later in the enaction of the Curt Flood Act.
19) After enaction of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, federal courts were unsure about their jurisdiction regarding the ability of one party to join additional parties under so-called "pendent-party jurisdiction.
and would gain reputation from the enaction of their ideas.
Both the leader responsible for stability and the clerk responsible to execute the laws are interested in preventing what Publius calls "the enaction of improper laws" motivated by "some common passion or interest" (Hamilton et al.
Enaction and enactive interfaces, a handbook of terms.
Movies made in Massachusetts since enaction of tax incentives
While the enaction of eugenics would lead to a restriction of reproductive freedom or worse, reprogenetics will do exactly the opposite.
Timely enaction of the FY 2007 Supplemental is critical to ensuring our troops in the field have the resources they need.
26) I take the definition of enaction as to perceptual activity from the works of the neurophysiologist Francisco Varela (see especially Varela 1992:172-73): 'We can now give a preliminary formulation of what we mean by enaction.
The market for recyclable materials in Europe is growing, with this year seeing the enaction of a law requiring that all new cars be 85% recyclable.
It is also important to note that hip hop is more than just the narrative art of the rap (arguably its defining popular feature), but is the enaction of the culture in all its five elements.
2002) and it is not outlandish to suppose that Little Legs uses these cultural references in the everyday enaction of his identity.