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Synonyms for enable



Synonyms for enable

to give the means, ability, or opportunity to do

Antonyms for enable

render capable or able for some task

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Today, SAVO is the only sales enablement company with a SOC 2 examination which is crucial for the complexity of global enterprise companies," said Doug Marquis, Executive Vice President, Product Development, SAVO Group.
My hope is to open up their eyes to the critical nature of having a reliable, predictable change agent in sales enablement.
They will also discuss Freescale s hardware and software enablement package and ARM ecosystem, which enable engineers to simplify and accelerate their designs.
We look forward to leveraging their breadth of experience and expertise to jointly provide customers with even greater levels of sourcing flexibility and more robust design enablement solutions.
The five category winners were honored at a special awards ceremony which took place during Showpad's third annual sales enablement conference, Showtime 2015 and was presented by Showpad's VP Customer Success, Antoine Valentone.
Sprint has other Wireless Enablement packages for MVNOs that crave more control, including:
The ability to innovate, grow market share or gain competitive advantage is exemplified in these finalists," said Paul Batten, Global Sales Enablement Manager at Xerox.
i2 Supplier Enablement will allow enterprises and public marketplaces to rapidly equip their suppliers and other trading partners with a rich set of tools for e-business enablement, and drive increased value and velocity throughout the entire value chain.
NASDAQ: SNCR), the world's leading provider of transaction management, cloud enablement and mobility management for connected devices, today announced the expansion of its enhanced ConvergenceNow[R] Plus+ cloud enablement and synchronization platform for Tier One Operators.
The Cloud Brokerage and Enablement market is set to redefine the cloud environment, with its inherent integration, aggregation, and inter-operable capabilities.
CHICAGO -- SAVO Group, the market leader in sales enablement, today released poll results that found 69 percent of businesses with enterprise social collaboration tools have not experienced an increase in sales.
Renowned Sales Expert and Thought Leader Joins Market-Leading Sales Enablement Technology Company
CHICAGO -- SAVO Group, the market leader in sales enablement, today released poll results that found approximately 40 percent of businesses have poorly aligned marketing messaging, sales tools and seller skills, which lead to missed revenue opportunities.
5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- SAVO Group, the leading provider of enterprise-grade sales enablement solutions, announced today that Doug Marquis has been hired as its new EVP, Product Development.
8 percent annual growth rate1, companies that report having a strong sales enablement program are witnessing 15.