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Clase Orden Suborden Familias Amphibia Anura Bufonidae Hylidae Leptodactylidae Reptilia Squamata Sauria Corythophanidae Gekkonidae Iguanidae Phrynosomatidae Polychridae Scincidae Teiidae Xantusiidae Serpentes Boidae Colubridae Elapidae Leptotyphlopidae Loxocemidae Viperidae Testudines Emydidae Total 18 Clase Generos Especies Amphibia 2 2 1 1 1 1 Reptilia 1 1 3 3 2 3 3 6 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 10 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 1 1 Total 33 40 Cuadro 2.
Only in adults of Emydidae and Testudinidae are the entoplastron and epiplastron present as relatively robust elements, with fully interlocking sutural contacts similar to those preserved on the specimens from Cathedral Cave.
A large river turtle of the family Emydidae or Bataguridae is, however, not duplicated in the Clayton.
Western pond turtles, freshwater turtles in the family Emydidae, range from northwestern Baja California, Mexico, north to Puget Sound of Washington, where they are restricted primarily to areas west of the Sierras and the Cascade Mountains.
Por su parte, al comparar a CRINAHP-1841 y CRINAHP-1842 con la familia Emydidae, se tiene que ambos elementos comparten caracteristicas que los relacionan con esta familia y en especial con el genero Trachemys.
1984, Packard y Hirsch 1986, Acuna-Mesen 1990) y en la familia Emydidae se describieron las cascaras de Pseudemys scripta (Acuna-Mesen 1989).
goudoti (Dumeril y Bibron 1844) N Viperidae Atropoides nummifer (Ruppell 1854) A N X Botrhops asper (Garman 1883) N X Cerrophidion godmani (Gunther 1863) N X Crotalus triseriatus (Wagler 1830) E Porthidium olmec Perez-Higareda, Smith y Julia-Zertuche 1985 A E X TESTUDINES Bataguridae Rinochlemmys pulcherrima (Gray 1856) A N Emydidae Terrapene carolina (Linnaeus 1758) CII, LR/nt N Kinosternidae Kinosternon herrerai Stejneger, 1925 Pr E X K.
In the Emydidae, sexual size dimorphism with females typically larger than males necessitates separate analyses for males and females, and sexual dimorphisms in k and [PL.