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Even though emus are tall, many resources say that emus do not require a lot of leg space, despite the more the merrier attitude of the emu.
Emu is a flightless and a native bird of Australia.
The New South Wales state roads authority said it was working on a plan to minimise the impact of a Pacific Highway upgrade on a small emu population on Australia's east coast.
Adult free-ranging emus were collected by ground shooting conducted by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department personnel.
SUPERMARKET staff used shopping trolleys to encircle an emu outside the store, police said.
The emu fled the family's Acton ranch and wasn't seen again until it surprised traffic as it walked against freeway traffic.
As Dean yelped and flinched every time an emu came near them, David showed no fear.
She said: ''With emus, the male always hatches out the egg after the female lays the egg.
This is the latest fluffy addition to Jack and Vera's fledgling family - the resident emu pair at Drayton Manor Park Zoo in Staffordshire.
Working together, the team developed a rendering and refining process that resulted in high quality, odorless emu oil.
It suggests that Genyornis ate only shrubs and trees, whereas emus had a more varied appetite that also included grasses.
Even product animals like emus may eventually be slaughtered for no reason, if the supply increases while the demand stays limited.
1 The contract is for the modernization of EMUs EN57 series.
In winter, female emus lay eggs after a gap of every three days.
He bought the two emus the night before the one escaped.