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Synonyms for emulsion

(chemistry) a colloid in which both phases are liquids

a light-sensitive coating on paper or film

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Additives Offered: adhesion promoters, algicides, anti-blocking agents, anti-flooding agents, anti-foaming agents, anti-marring agents, antioxidants, anti-sagging agents, anti-settling agents, anti-skinning agents bactericides, biocides, catalysts, corrosion inhibitors, dispersing agents, driers, emulsifying agents, flame retardants, flow control agents, fungicides, mildewcides, plasticizers, slip aids, stabilizers, surfactants, thickening agents, water treatment chemicals
Their efforts indicate that the selection of an emulsifying agent can serve as an important parameter for controlling the release of aroma molecules in oil-water emulsions.
Unique properties in melts, blends and solutions lead to their use as adhesives, emulsifying agents, thermoplastic elastomers, compatibilizers, etc.
Water-based products may also tend to cause build-up on the mold, owing to the surfactants and/or other emulsifying agents used in water-based products.
The emulsifying agents fall into three major categories namely: (1) Cationic, (2) Anionic and (3) Nonionic.
However, the availability of various other emulsifying agents (mono- and di-glycosides, sorbitan esters, sucrose esters, poly glycerol esters of fatty acids and poly glycerol polyricinoleate among others) as substitute of lecithin and increasing prices of raw materials for lecithin are the major restrains in the growth of the global lecithin market.
KSG-360Z: This series' crosslinked elastomer silicone gels are emulsifying agents with an excellent, smooth-skin feel that can be used to produce unique water-in-silicone and water-in-oil products.
Additives Offered: abrasives/anti-skid, anti-marring agents, antioxidants, emulsifying agents, flame retardants, light stabilizers, slip aids, stabilizers, UV absorbers, waxes
Alongside flame retardants and plasticizers, the company's product range includes bonding agents, modifiers, blowing agents, antistatics and emulsifying agents.
Penn State scientists evaluated the influence of emulsifying agents on the release of certain aroma molecules in model oil-water emulsion systems.