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Synonyms for emulsion

(chemistry) a colloid in which both phases are liquids

a light-sensitive coating on paper or film

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Functions include regulation of pH, chelating agent, buffering agent, flavor enhancer, and emulsifying agent.
Also effective is a stimulating body wash using an emulsifying agent with lavender, lemon, and cajuput.
Different approaches using both internal and external emulsifying agents have been tried in the market for supplying water-dispersible polyisocyanates.
Various emulsifying agents are commercially available, each with different physico-chemical properties.
So the molecular weight of copolymer was mainly affected by the monomer feed composition when copolymerization temperature, emulsifying agent and initiator concentrations are fixed, and should be a maximum at proper monomer ratio.
BioOil and diesel are generally not miscible; mixing them requires an emulsifying agent to achieve a stable mixture.
It appears that the selection of an emulsifying agent can have a significant impact on the controlled release of aroma molecules in oil-water emulsions.
This is solved by coating the cocoa powder particles with an emulsifying agent, such as lecithin.
Most water-based products are more costly and use surfactants as an emulsifying agent.
Whey has found use as a protein supplement, thickening agent, emulsifying agent, gelling agent and foam stabilizer.
Usage of lignin as a dispersant, binder, and emulsifying agent has attracted the attention of major manufacturers in various end-user industries.
Another emulsifying agent that is used as a thickener for surfactant systems is the Dermothix line from Alzo International, Sayreville, NJ.
Mesquite gum has been used as a binder in tablet dosage form, as an emulsifying agent and to encapsulate citrus essential oils.