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a quad with a square body

a linear unit (1/6 inch) used in printing

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Anyone with SARS-like symptoms had to report to the medical support unit and stop working in an EMS capacity.
Weyerhaeuser bases its commitment to using the EMS standard on a philosophy of seeking new ways of protecting the environment.
National Association of EMS Educators Unsung Hero Award sponsored by Delmar Cengage Learning: Scott Crawford
The North American opportunity for EMS providers is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.
The Vital Data Technology integrated suite of applications creates, manages and integrates EMS information with emergency operations centers, and provides real-time reporting and analytics.
Increasing A&D contracts have spurred original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to embrace EMS providers as strategic partners.
EMS Group provides a full range of Operations & Maintenance services to more than 200 blue chip energy customers; these include major pipeline operators, local distribution companies (LDCs), and independent power, oil and gas producers.
For further information please contact the EMS Group of Companies Media Relations at 713 595 7613 or visit www.
We are very excited about the addition of these four organizations into the EMS family of companies," said Tim Nesler, CEO of EMS Group.
Training and communication are key components to any emergency preparedness plan," says Dave Caplin, EMS EXPO Show Manager.
5 Units issued by EMS with each Unit being comprised of (i) 500 series 1 preferred shares and (ii) $950 principal amount of a 5% secured convertible debenture.
LAS VEGAS -- Cygnus Expositions, a division of business-to-business media leader Cygnus Business Media, and producer of the highly successful EMS EXPO, Firehouse World and Firehouse Expo, announced today it will co-locate Firehouse Las Vegas with EMS EXPO in the Fall of 2006.
To the Editor: As virologists whose specialties include diagnostic electron microscopy (EM), we read with interest the discussion on bioterrorism scenarios (1,2) and the subsequent note by Marshall and Catton (3) on the rapid EM diagnostic process used for smallpox (1).