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Synonyms for emperor

Synonyms for emperor

red table grape of California

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large moth of temperate forests of Eurasia having heavily scaled transparent wings

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The presidential parade will make its final stop for an inaugural feast at the Chapultepec Castle, once the residence of Mexico's rulers, including the emporer Maximillian.
Through the gateway is the second courtyard, where the Rudolf Gallery houses a collection of exotic stuffed animals, alchemists' tools and shamanistic cult figures gathered by the last Prague emporer, Rudolf II.
I got off Mark Pitman's Royal Emporer for the ride and they tell me this is lovely horse.
I told them, it may not make sense, but even an emporer can't stand at the seashore and turn the tide.
During the Tang Dynasty it was known as the "End of the Earth" by rebel officials who were banished there by the Emporer due to its remoteness from the nation's capital.
Not to sample the lovely fresh haddock (well, not much of it) take in the warm and welcoming atmosphere (well, not much of it) or even to watch Emporer Salmond at work in his constituency (loads of that, obviously).
THE emporer suffered from epilepsy, known in Roman times as the parliamentary disease.