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an agency that finds people to fill particular jobs or finds jobs for unemployed people

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In the Morgaush District Employment Center, the participants of the trainings receive psychological help in the removal of psychological barriers in communication with people, learn to make personal professional plans and manage conflict situations, and increase self-confidence.
The Springboard Employment Center is free to qualified candidates with disabilities.
According to Rola Basamad, the female employment center at BRJ, which is part of ALJ Community Initiatives, is always seeking to create a women-friendly environment based on Shariah, including separate sections.
Connecting residents of the reserve with jobs is exactly what staff at the employment center work to accomplish.
The Arizona Solar Employment Center will be available exclusively through Az4Solar.
The Board of Elections and the county's One-Stop Employment Center now uses the property for parking.
Geared toward both employees and jobseekers, the PGA Employment Center serves as an online clearinghouse of complimentary employment services and can be found at PGA.
The main goal of vocational guidance work carried out by the Employment Center of the Morgaus district is to provide the population with information about the labor market, the content and prospects for the development of the profession market, the needs of the city and the district for qualified personnel, and to provide advice in choosing (changing) profile of professional training.
Under Sabovich, the airport grew from a one-time Marine base, established during World War II, to a major civilian employment center with aircraft designer Burt Rutan among its innovative tenants.
So, on February 27, the specialists of the employment center will hold a lesson where young people will gain skills in job search, self-presentation, resume writing, interviewing, they will also talk about building relationships in the team and building a career.
At the time, city officials believed the park would turn into a major employment center despite critics who said it would only drain city resources.
The project is part of the larger Paseo Del Este master planned community which is a substantial residential and employment center along Interstate 10, located on the eastern edge of El Paso, Texas.
High income levels are one result of Fairfax becoming an employment center that attracts a tremendous number of technology and professional services firms," said Gerald L.
The main speakers were specialists of the Department of Labor and Social Protection of Population, Employment Center, State Labor Inspectorate, Federal Migration Service of Russia for Sevastopol.
s Central Business District is still the largest regional employment center, fewer than 6 percent of the region's employees work there.
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