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an agency that finds people to fill particular jobs or finds jobs for unemployed people

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The External Affairs Ministry is also assisting us in this matter," Foreign Employment Bureau spokesman M.
Dr Mishra's office also saw Nepalese Tourism board organising road shows in Qatar twice and ministry of foreign employment bureau officials visiting Qatar as many times.
The existing school was due to close in the summer of 1962 when the new school was due to open, one suggestion was to turn the building into a youth employment bureau.
Bahrain could soon witness an influx of workers from Sri Lanka after a temporary ban was lifted early this month by the country's Foreign Employment Bureau.
Further more skills need assessment, career counselling, employment bureau and development of local employee and employer data banks should be prioritized.
In his view, one of the reasons for the fictitious reduction of the number of unemployed individuals is their erasure from the lists of the Employment Bureau.
The newest idee fixe that should reduce the great unemployment rate in Macedonia, according to Svetlana Vukcevik from Vreme, is the unemployed to prove that they have actively searched for a job in the period from one to another registration in the Employment Bureau.
A spokesman for Sri Lanka's Foreign Employment Bureau said: "The landlord and his wife hammered 24 nails into her when she complained of the heavy workload.
Sri Lanka's Foreign Employment Bureau said Ariyawathi had been too afraid to complain about the abuse to Saudi authorities, fearing that her employers might not let her return home.
The minister said in a recent statement: "Muhammad Jameel could be described as an employment bureau considering the amount of work he is exerting in the way of creating job opportunities for Saudis.
In November 1968, the Employment Bureau division of the Israel Ministry of Labor established its first local office in the Palestinian territories, and by 1976, there were 34 such offices, 24 on the West Bank and 10 in the Gaza Strip and southern Sinai (Southern Sinai was returned to Egypt in 1982 (The State Comptroller, 27th Annual Report, 1976: 471).
In 1918 it operated an employment bureau for discharged soldiers and sailors, in the 1930sit opened a job club to try and counteract the effects of the depression and in 1942it gave over its Mount Pleasant building to the American Red Cross to treat injured soldiers and provided beds to almost 666,000 servicemen.
Melvina Daniel, of Chatham Road, Northfield, had been employed for ten years by the Arcadia Group Limited at its Evans fashion shop at Northfield, a Birmingham Employment Bureau was told.
Randstad Employment Bureau has traded from the Plas Eirias Business Centre for the last two years but has now opened its first high street location in Penrhyn Road.
Links 4 Work is an employment bureau for parents and carers from Crosland Moor, Lockwood, Thornton Lodge and Walpole.
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