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Synonyms for employer

Synonyms for employer

one that employs persons for wages


Antonyms for employer

a person or firm that employs workers

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business employers and workers regarding their attitudes toward retirement.
Corporate employers do not benefit from the tax advantages of capital gains (i.
The common theme that emerges when answering these questions is that when it passed the FMLA, Congress did not intend to cause a hardship on employers who could not afford to be without employees for up to 3 months during a 1-year period.
Not surprisingly, as health care costs continue to increase and the costs of genetic testing decrease, employers may view genetic testing as a cost-saving technique by trying to weed out employees with genetic markers for disease.
It unsuccessfully argued that the residence was first sold to the employer, then sold by the employer to the third-party purchaser.
Employers of all sizes are recognizing the importance of changing employees' sedentary lifestyles and making health promotion and wellness programs part of their benefit offerings.
In the ruling an employer either arranges to purchase an employee's home at a certain price or contracts with a third-party relocation company to act as its agent and administer a buyout.
This article discusses the extent to which employers may be liable for the improper sexual conduct of supervisors.
Schwarzenegger, and an apparent awareness in Sacramento that California needs to retain employers.
However, a high interest/high influence characterization places employers in a quadrant where they are most likely not presently placed.
The nation's small and mid-sized employers cut benefits in their health plans in 2003, holding the cost increase to 9.
In the category of "no good deed goes unpunished," civilian employers seeking to ease the financial strain for employees recently called to active military duty are faced with having to determine the correct federal employment tax and reporting treatment of "differential" or "supplemental" payments made to these employees without the benefit of updated and concise guidance.
Arnold Schwarzenegger already has a plan that will be examined by the Legislature this week, but Garamendi said it might be too friendly to employers without protecting workers enough and will likely not survive the legislative process intact.
At the same time, the legal requirement that employers maintain a safe, harassment- and drug-free workplace provides a strong incentive to perform some level of employee monitoring.
By actively engaging key stakeholders such as employers, institutions can identify learning outcomes important to those employers and thus address the issue of accountability.
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