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the right to buy or sell a stock at a specified price within a stated period

a benefit given by a company to an employee in the form of an option to buy stock in the company at a discount or at a fixed price

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Testimony Concerning Tax and Accounting Issues Related to Employee Stock Option Compensation.
Quite apart from that deficiency, even without the manifold contractual terms that alter the value of an employee stock option, there is no options-pricing model currently in existence that clearly gives the best possible assessment of the value of options across all firms.
Item 18 -Resolutions on (a) the adoption of a global employee stock option program and (b) the authorization for the Board of Directors to issue warrants with the right to subscribe for new shares in relation to the employee stock option program.
Companies, especially high-tech, argued that recording employee stock options as a compensation expense would lower their reported earnings and would put them at a competitive disadvantage in the race to raise capital.
The Board shall determine the detailed terms of the employee stock option program.
In August, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) began the final draft of a rule that will require companies to recognize the cost of employee stock options on their income statements.
The ED, which would have required expense recognition for virtually all employee stock option plans, met with vociferous opposition in comment letters, public hearing testimony and the press.
The controversy that led to the proposed changes involves the measurement and recognition of compensation expense for employee stock option plans.
Finally, the bill would require a Commerce Department study on the impact of broad-based employee stock option plans on expanding corporate ownership, recruiting skilled workers, stimulating research and innovation, and growth in the U.
Eichen did not think the trend was a result of the controversy over an accounting standard on employee stock option plans proposed by the Financial Accounting Standards Board.
Smith Barney will serve as the employee stock option administrator.
Schuetze, addressing the American Institute of CPAs National Conference on Current SEC Developments, said most large CPA firms had supported adding a charge to earnings for compensation costs and employee stock option expenses when FASB first raised the issue in the mid 1980s.
Employee stock options: Group management officials are covered by an ongoing employee stock option programme under which call options in Swedish Match AB may be allocated.
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