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someone who supplies members or employees

an official who enlists personnel for military service

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Employee recruitment and retention in the Middle East will continue to pose challenges for both public and private organisations amid the global economic crisis, resulting in additional operating costs, it said.
Summary: Despite the current global crisis, employee recruitment and retention in the Middle East will continue posing challenges for both public and private organizations, says a management expert.
He said: "I've worked with this employer for a number of years assisting them with employee recruitment and retention.
In addition to the economy, other top issues facing this year's WOOD 100 companies are: employee recruitment and retention, the cost of health benefits, availability and cost of raw materials, and imports.
The objective was to aid in employee recruitment efforts.
Telework proponents often cite decreased traffic and pollution in congested cities as benefits of working from home, as well as improved employee recruitment and retention.
Supermarkets might learn a thing or two about employee recruitment and retention from the Custom-Made Careers program used by the Wawa convenience store chain.
Pension schemes are vital, both for individuals and for employers, to aid employee recruitment and retention.
This book/CD-ROM package provides veterinary team job descriptions and training schedules that can be used for employee recruitment, selection, training, evaluation, and compensation.
For a third consecutive year Cascades was selected for its employee recruitment and retention practices.
EMPLOYEE RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION SERVICES to assist you in meeting your requirements for employees with the right knowledge, skills and attributes when you need them.
AAAA's "Operation Success" will focus on three areas: employee recruitment and retention, training and development, and vendor and supplier relationships.
This acquisition expands NetCracker's professional services delivery capabilities and comes on the heels of NetCracker's recent announcement of a global employee recruitment campaign.
Unfortunately, when systems are managed manually, even a company with the best employee recruitment, training and retention program won't always be able to solve all the problems it may face in the course of an IT business shift.
Answering that question--and taking steps to rectify complaints--can be an important part of a facility's employee recruitment and retention efforts, according to a study by the Institute for the Future of Aging Services (IFAS) and the California Association of Homes and Services for the Aging.
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