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Synonyms for fringe benefit

added extra

Synonyms for fringe benefit

an incidental benefit awarded for certain types of employment (especially if it is regarded as a right)

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Baby boomers will continue to shape everything with which they come into contact, especially their work and leisure activities, and employee benefits will play an important part in this in coming years.
They are designed to respond to liability which arises out of mistakes in the administration of health insurance, flexible spending accounts, and other employee benefit programs.
When Anita Baker joined Larson Allen Weishair in the 1980s, nonspecialist partners performed its EBP audits and the primary resource was the Employee Benefit Plans--AICPA Audit and Accounting Guide.
From my experience, this is an area where some firms run into problems when they audit employee benefit pension plans.
At present, the DOL is considering a number of individual exemption requests involving the purchase and sale of securities by employee benefit plans.
Primarily, electronic filing has a lower cost than other employee benefits such as daycare and fitness centers.
The Handbook of Employee Benefits, 2nd edition, by Jerry S.
Create a community of firms that demonstrate a commitment to employee benefit plan audit quality.
Welfare plan audits: Another issue that has recently emerged relates to welfare plans not funded through a trust, such as voluntary employee benefit associations (VEBAs).
The Formula for Success allows employers to see how The Principal 10 Best Companies used their investments in employee benefits to:
Until the Columbia exemption, the Department of Labor, which oversees employee benefit plans under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, had made it difficult for companies to fund employee benefits by using captives, said Sofia Tesfazion, a consultant within the global consulting group of Towers Perrin.
Employee Benefit Plans Industry Developments--2001 Audit Risk Alert (No.
They offer businesses a wide variety of services--including payroll management, employee benefit design and administration, tax filing and administration and compliance with state and federal workplace legislation.
Employee Benefit News posts an online edition of its health care, retirement planning, compensation and employee benefits magazine.
The United States has approximately 850,000 employee benefit plans that require audits.
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