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Synonyms for fringe benefit

added extra

Synonyms for fringe benefit

an incidental benefit awarded for certain types of employment (especially if it is regarded as a right)

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For more information on Diversified Employee Benefit Services , located in San Antonio, Texas please call 210-558-3377, or visit www.
Once these are established, a risk reduction plan can be implemented to minimize the exposure as much as possible through administrative procedures; then consideration can be given to transferring the rest of the risk to an insurance company through the purchase of employee benefits liability and fiduciary liability.
In recent years the DOL has significantly stepped up its enforcement of the audit requirement for employee benefit plans, and it has accordingly developed guidance to help administrators select a plan auditor.
As a task force member, I will recommend that additional emphasis be placed on audits of employee benefit plans during the peer review process; that California Audit Quality Centers be established; and that firms wanting to perform audits of these plans belong to the California Audit Quality Center.
The notice also solicits information on a number of trading practices, including what impact the emergence of electronic systems might have on any exemption standards; whether there are real savings flowing to employee benefit plans from crosstrades not otherwise available in the market; what the transaction costs are for such off-market transactions; and whether cross-trades could be used to produce commercial advantages for the investment manager, etc.
Part One should include several chapters that basically describe the various types of employee benefits with some basic definitions and concepts.
88-2, Illustrative Auditor's Reports on Financial Statements of Employee Benefit Plans Comporting with [SAS] no.
As the result of a new partnership with a leading voluntary benefits provider, BRMS will be building trusted and valued relationships with school districts across the US by providing Vbas(R) as an easy, automated solution to managing their employee benefits and reducing their healthcare costs.
AssureCare is a national third party administrator of employee benefit plans that functions as a full-service benefit management company.
DES MOINES, Iowa -- Time is running short for companies to enter a competition that rewards winners with national recognition as one of the best in employee benefits.
The Benefit Advisors Network (BAN), a national consortium of employee benefit brokers and consultants, is pleased to announce that in a recent benchmarking survey conducted by WFG Capital Advisors, a nationally recognized insurance financial advisory consulting firm, its member firms ranked significantly higher than their national peer group and for many key performance measurements were ranked in the top quartile.
The Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) is enhancing its programs aimed at assessing and improving the quality of employee benefit plan audits.
Since its launch last month, the AICPA's Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center has been accepting applications from CPA firms (go to www.
A general concern about the instability of employee benefit plans has arisen in the wake of recent failures by banks, thrifts and insurance companies.
The Principal 10 Best Companies--2006 were selected by a distinguished judging panel of business leaders and employee benefit experts who worked with Mathew Greenwald & Associates, a premier market research company.
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