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Synonyms for empiricism

the application of empirical methods in any art or science

medical practice and advice based on observation and experience in ignorance of scientific findings


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Mathematics is useful in empirical science because it shows which concrete sentences necessarily follow from which other concrete sentences.
Bonds does mention the pressure that empirical science put on a cosmic order that embodied Ideas (p.
According to Kristen Case, the New England author was, above all, concerned with giving expression to an empirical science the aim of which is to restore human life to the natural world.
His lasting recognition is due to two major achievements: being instrumental in making anatomy an empirical science and presenting the results of his work in an extraordinarily innovative way.
He considers the persistence of Aristotelian ideas bout automata, Ancient Greek attitudes about the ethical status of slaves, the emergence of modern empirical science and its connection to magic, and the significance of intelligent networks that exceed human form.
But, as Wellmon writes, "how can an empirical science pose questions about destiny?
Warfield is presented as an example of excellence in holding both scripture and empirical science in the highest regard.
Those who practice the methods of empirical science carefully study what has already taken place and then build predictions of the future built on a statistical analysis of what has happened in the past.
According to Quine, the best we have available, and the best we have available is that provided to us by natural science, our starting point in philosophy is the language of empirical science, and the theories in which that language is embedded, the ontological commitments of theory are the ontological commitments of language, to explicate a concept is to eliminate it and accomplish whatever purposes it served through other channels, and the distinction between following a rule and merely engaging in some regular pattern of behavior comes to very little.
Perhaps we are reluctant to deal with spirituality in the medical and nursing professions if we always want to be perceived as grounded in empirical science.
Origins science can't utilise the normal methods of repeatable, observable empirical science.
The conceit of the "thought experiment," with its dual acknowledgment of rational inquiry and empirical science, is crucial to Balakier's effort to establish Traherne's holistic understanding of cognition.
Prior to his Origin of Species, Darwin's scientific reputation rested on empirical science - his observations and descriptions gathered from his voyage on the HMS Beagle.
Though it is clear that economics has made progress and will make additional progress only by adopting the scientific method of empirical science, it should be clear that there are significant differences between economics and physics.
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